Welcome to Unsearchable Riches.Org

As God’s servant I am delighted to welcome you to this web site. On this site you will find a library of messages I have preached in Lurgan Baptist Church and further afield. The messages have been made available as a help to God’s servants across the world – preachers and hearers alike. However, it is my earnest plea that sinners will be brought to a saving knowledge of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

“…woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!”  1 Cor 9:16

Farewell Services – Sunday 20/08/17 to Friday 01/09/17


Gospel Messages

In our country here in Northern Ireland Sunday night for many years in most churches is a time when we have an evangelistic emphasis. This series of gospel sermons flows from that and is designed to present to the non-Christian, the person and work of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Whether you are a pastor, lay preacher, Sunday teacher I trust that you will find these messages helpful. Should you be reading or watching these sermons and still have no assurance of God’s salvation, it is our prayer that through these sermons you may be brought into a personal, saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Bible Characters

I don’t know about you but Bible characters have always held a fascinating appeal for me. I think it’s because we can so easily identify with them, in their times of elation and discouragement. The Bible presents these characters to us “ warts and all.” That’s what we also have sought to do in the different characters that you’ll find there. Biblical truth is presented through these colourful people which I trust will be an encouragement to your life no matter where you are.


Teaching Series

All the teaching sermons on this site flow from our Sunday morning services or our Tuesday night Bible Class. Here we have sought to take a book of the Bible or a particular doctrine and present that in an down to earth fashion. Under this section you’ll find a variety of different subjects that have been dealt with.  I trust that as you read and watch you’ll be built up spiritually and drawn closer to our wonderful Saviour, who Himself is the theme of Scripture.

All materials are free to download for personal use or small group studies. None may be resold for personal profit.